The Benefits of Zero-Impact Training

Man on VersaClimber doing Body Cardio

If you’ve worked out in the past few years, you’re likely familiar with the seemingly diehard devotion to high-intensity interval training (HIIT). True to its name, HIIT involves alternating vigorous periods of work with short recovery breaks, and then repeating the cycle again throughout the exercise session.

HIIT is popular because it’s efficient and effective, which saves you time and keeps you coming back. Benefits include increased stamina, higher metabolism, greater energy and more.

One drawback to HIIT is that it typically involves high-impact movements, like running, jumping, bouncing, plyometrics and others. Over time, all this jarring can be hard on the body – particularly if you have any former injuries or lingering orthopedic issues with the ankles, knees, hips and back.

Another way to incorporate HIIT without the repetitive pounding is vertical climbing. The VersaClimber engages your entire body and virtually all muscles, but minimizes impact to the joints. It easily facilitates interval workouts (you can pick from preset programs or create your own), and you can set your resistance level and pace. What you’ll quickly discover is that you don’t have to jump to challenge yourself.

In fact, zero-impact training, such as VersaClimber sessions, deliver multiple benefits, including:

  • Less discomfort and pain during workouts. Let’s face it, if you’re over 40, sprinting, jumping, and bouncing become more difficult to execute properly and comfortably.
  • Accommodates all exercisers. Beginners, older individuals and those who cannot tolerate repetitive force are able to participate in workouts that are kinder (but not necessarily easy) on the body.
  • Safer to execute. HIIT and many high-impact movements are all about speed and maximizing reps, which can increase the risk of injuries. While zero-impact training also can be fast, the body is supported throughout, and therefore more stable.
  • Greater range of motion. Zero-impact training affords the ability to work through a longer range of motion with both your lower and upper body, which results in increased work on the muscles, improved muscular endurance and a better overall workout.
  • Less recovery time. It’s not recommended that you perform high-impact workouts every day, and you should have a rest day between them. Zero-impact routines are acceptable for daily sessions and ideal for active rest days.
  • Reduces stress. Life already is too stressful, so adding intense force while working against gravity in high-impact regimens might not always be the best choice for your body and your mind. Zero-impact lets you blow off steam and feel better without adding more pressure.

While certainly there are benefits to high-impact, HIIT workouts, zero-impact training alternatives like the VersaClimber enable exercisers to build endurance and burn significant calories and fat without beating up their bodies. That drives their motivation and adherence, which ultimately leads to better results.

Add vertical cardio climbing to your workout routine for outstanding zero-impact workouts!

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