We originally patented this special movement pattern called Contra-Lateral or Cross – Crawl on the VersaClimber. What is Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern? This pattern replicates our natural primitive movement, which is intuitive for humans as we crawl, walk or run.  It is otherwise known as our natural GAIT pattern. Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern provides a unique alternative to the “standard” climbing motion VersaClimber provides. The Contra-Lateral Movement motion is produced when the arm and leg approach each other on one side of body while the opposite arm and leg separate on the other side. It has been demonstrated this natural pattern will more safely and effectively strengthen the para-spinal musculature.

Most VersaClimber models either come with, or can be added with “Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern”.

VersaClimber “Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern” replicates crawling. Crawling is a developmental movement pattern that ties everything about you together. Through this movement pattern, cross crawl neural connections and pathways are established in the brain that allow the brain to become more efficient at communication between left and right hemispheres.

The better the brain can communicate and process the information the better the body moves. Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern also unites your sensory systems. It integrates your balance system, your proprioceptive system, and your visual system. Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern can improve “hand – eye” coordination.

Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern is also known as contra-lateral or alternate reciprocal pattern that is similar to our walking or running pattern where the opposite side arm and leg move together. Thus, the contralateral pattern is our similar to our GAIT pattern and is patterning the nervous system based on human design or movement.

As babies we learn to crawl, crawling is a developmental movement pattern that ties us together neurologically. Humans are hardwired to crawl and crawling allows the brain to become more efficient at communicating between the brains right and left hemispheres.

If you are an athlete who runs, Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern would allow you to not compromise the biomechanical integrity of your running movement pattern. (Just think of all sports that the athlete runs).

Contra PAttern
VersaClimbers that come standard with Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern are as follows:<br> H, HP, SM and SMA. All others models can be added with this option as an upgrade feature.<br> Please contact us for details.

VersaClimbers that come with Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern are as follows:
H, HP, SM, SMA, TS, TSA and SRM. All others models can be added with this option as an upgrade feature.
Please contact us for details.

With the VersaClimber, you are climbing vertical which forces the body to use the large anti-gravity muscles – the user is pushing and pulling and using the core stabilizers to hold themselves up, and of course all in a non-impact environment. If you see your body as an “X” when climbing in a cross crawl pattern, you are transferring forces from right to left and top to the bottom of your body. The slight rotation in the torso creates power and helps strengthen the spin stabilizers. Keeping the core of the body strong is one of the keys in any sport and also in life.

VersaClimber also offers an Angle Change Bracket that attaches to a wall, squat or utility rack. This allows angle changes in climbing from standard upright to horizontal where bear crawl or floor type bear crawling can be performed.

Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern really helps the nervous system to fully integrate with all the systems in the body. The VersaClimber offers the Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern as an option in the LX series and comes standard in the Home units (H and HP) and standard in the SM and SRM VersaClimbers. The VersaClimbers Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern pattern can’t be switched once built. If you have further questions about what pattern is best for your situation, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-237-2271.

What is Standard Climb Pattern? This is a pattern when your elbow & knee maintain equal distance apart both on the up stroke and down stroke. For example, when you climb a ladder, the hand that moves up a rung is followed by the foot on the same side of the body.

“A VersaClimber set up in Contra-Lateral movement was a must for our studio. Nothing more important than getting people to re-learn (from baby crawling) how to use their intrinsic core and the Versa Climber takes the crawling progression to the next level. It is definitely one of the most challenging and rewarding parts of our client workouts!” – Ari Weller, Movement Trainer, PhilosoFit– East Hampton, NY 

Standard Climb pattern, the Elbow and Knee stay equal distance apart in either direction.

Standard Climb pattern, the Elbow and Knee stay equal distance apart in either direction.