Shipping, Returns & Warranty

Yes, We stand by our VERSACLIMBER Machines and guarantee them to be free from flaws in materials and workmanship with a limited 3-year warranty. 1-year parts and labor. Extended warranties can be obtained, please contact us for more details.

If you received your VersaClimber and you are not satisfied you can return it within 15 days of receiving it and get a full refund, less shipping to and from + handling fees.

All VersaClimbers are made 100% in the USA, since 1981.

Southern California, 1411 E Wilshire Ave Santa Ana, CA 92705

We know everyone is used to free shipping, but our product is HEAVY, which means that VersaClimber machine sets ship freight. That essentially means that we contract out our shipping to LTL companies, who need more than just a set of hands to deliver the products. Between the weight of the product, plus the coordination of your delivery, unfortunately, YES, shipping is ~that~ much.

Affirm - Consumer Financing

Yes! There’s no penalty for paying early.

You can make or schedule payments at or in the Affirm app for iOS or Android. Affirm will send you email and text reminders before payments are due.

Yes—you can return an item you bought with Affirm by initiating the return process through VersaClimber’s corporate office.

No—your credit score won’t be affected when you create an Affirm account or check your eligibility. If you decide to buy with Affirm, this may impact your credit score. You can find more information in Affirm’s Help Center.

Yes, you’ll need a mobile phone number from the U.S. This helps Affirm verify it’s really you who is creating your account and signing in.

You can visit their website at

Payment options through Affirm are subject to an eligibility check and are provided by these lending partners:


Yes, select models that include Bluetooth connection are SM and TS models.

Not at this time, but you will be able to do so soon.

On average, the 9-volt battery will last 3 months.

Yes, our Bluetooth-enabled models (SM, TS and SRM) connect with the app allowing users to record and view workout analytics.

Yes, on heart rate-enabled models HP, LXP, SM, TS and SRM

Not at this time.

Not at this time.



86 lbs for H/HP units or 150 lbs for LX, SM and TS

Yes, we are the original cardio climber. We invented cardio climbing in 1981 and obtained the first patents on vertical cardio climbers, from that day VersaClimer was born.

Maximum user weight is 350 lbs. With arm extenders, individuals who are up to 7’ 3” can use VersaClimber (LX, SM,TS) models for max reach and stretch.

Yes, You can adjust the foot pedals and hand grips for those who are shorter in height.

0 – 500lbs of variable resistance force. 

Yes, select models (LX, SM and TS) allow the ability to mount to a wall. This requires special mounting brackets. 

No. All of our climbers are free-standing and do not require bolting to the floor. Or, we offer versions that can be bolted to the floor if you choose to do so. This would need to be indicated before placing an order. 

Max range of motion is 1-20 inches for both hands and feet. 

Unlimited speed. There is no max speed. There is no speed limit – it is user-defined. There are no speed limitations. 

The touchscreen display is 7.75” tall x 4.5” wide

The H/HP uses coated cable producing a quieter, low-noise workout. 

Maximum user weight is 350 lbs. With arm extenders, individuals who are 7’ 3” can use VersaClimber (LX, SM,TS) models for max reach and stretch. 

36" x 34" for the base, and 90" tall, 86 lbs

43" x 44" for the base, and 94" tall, 150 lbs

43" x 42" for the base, and 94" tall, 150 lbs

43" x 42" for the base, and 94" tall, 150 lbs

Variable resistance or adjustable resistance is the ability to increase / decrease the force applied when VersaClimbing (stepping, reaching, and pulling). The user dials up or down the resistance or force being applied.  Fixed resistance simply means there is no ability to apply resistance or force when climbing - zero force is applied or “fixed”.



No. You can use any type of shoe.

No. Unlike other cardio climber equipment available, safety belts are not required.


Yes, its vertical upright design, provides superior training results due to arms moving vertical, above heart and head, climbing motion is against gravity. 

Yes, anybody can use a VersaClimber from beginners to advanced athletes.  

Yes, Not just Low impact, but NON impact too. Since your feet never leave the foot pedals, VersaClimber provides a controlled, safe, non-impact cardio workout. Gentle on knees, joints and hips. 

Yes. A true total-body workout, works every major muscle group.