“The motions on a VersaClimber build a stronger core and back which gives you better posture.” 

Jason Walsh,  Founder of Rise Nation

"I feel the same soreness in my body that I would get from 45 minutes on my elliptical plus 45 minutes of weights in the same day. What I felt from that 2 hour workout in one day, I feel from only 15 minutes on my VersaClimber. Unbelievable! The Total Body Workout is amazing! -- but no shin splints, no neck pain and no joint pain! What's also amazing is that my daughter who just turned 10 got on the machine yesterday and cranked out about 5 minutes straight so I see that my family will benefit from this as well."

Rafael Delgado - New York, NY

"I love my Sport Model VersaClimber. The foot print is so small for such a powerful exercise machine. It's right there for me to use, no excuses. I used it for only 3 weeks before going to Fiji where I'm the strength coach for a local rugby team. Wow, what a difference. I'm 54 years old and was able to keep up with the young Fijian players for a grueling two hour workout. We use sand bags for strength and drag truck wheels for conditioning. My time on the Versaclimber put me right at my best very quickly."

Leighton Koehler - Las Vegas, NV Age 54

"Dear Versa-Climber I have been using the Versa-climber with my athletes for over 10 years with outstanding results. Recently I have developed some very unique routines combining the climber with other movements in a circuit based fashion , allowing me to link functional training with hard core anaerobic conditioning. Heart rate monitoring has demonstrated levels equal to or even above those attained in practice. I would recommend this type of training for any serious athlete or fitness enthusiast."

Stan Kellers - Assistant Coach of Strength Cavaliers Basketball Team

"The Versaclimber has helped me lose 75 lbs. This is the best cardio machine I've ever used. I've owned elliptical machines, NordicTrack skiers and I've found the best results with Versaclimber. It is truly a total body workout. I love it. If you're serious about weight loss and fitness, this is the machine for you"

Joe Tinfina - Australia

"In a corporate fitness environment time is always crucial. Our employees generally use their breaks or lunch to get their workout in. With the addition of the Versa Climber our employees now have the ability to come and get an outstanding cardiovascular workout in approximately half the time. It has been an absolute hit with all our employees. I have clients specifically ask to use it unlike any other piece of cardio equipment that we have. The Versa Climber has definitely established itself as a cornerstone of our fitness center."

Casey Schutte - Fitness Professional CPT Cook Incorporated Bloomington, Indiana

"The Versa Climber allows me to vary my workout using just one machine. By varying speed, changing hand position, and concentrating on different muscle groups in both the arms and legs, workouts include a great strength training challenge. Most importantly, the VersaClimber helps me to maintain a level of fitness, that allows me to enjoy the outdoor sports that are so much a part of my life in Vermont."

L. Hayes - Vermont

"After training on the VersaClimber three times a weeks for 40 minutes I am as strong as I was ten years ago. I am once again right up there with the top hikers in my hiking group. After my bi-lateral hip replacement, I can non longer run. The VersaClimber is an excellent substitute for running. I am stronger then I have ever been thanks to my training on the VersaClimber..."

Rich Seibel - Pompton Lakes, NJ

"I have been a Fitness Instructor / Personal Trainer for over 20 Years, and there is NOTHING that compares to the Versaclimber when it comes to over-all Cardiovascular conditioning involving the entire body! No matter what my client's initial level of conditioning, I can rapidly increase their overall fitness level using our Versaclimber! I have even had client's with knee replacements use the attachable seat and be able keep over all Cardio conditioning at or near peak levels while in rehab for their affected lower limb! A must have piece of equipment for the serious gym owner!"

Patrick Oden CPT - Charleston, SC

"...Competing at a professional level in personal watercraft racing is taxing enough on the body. When I am off the water I want to be able to cross train without causing more strain on my body. The combination of aerobic conditioning and strength training the Versa Climber gives me not only helps me stay physically fit, but has also built my endurance level up to where it needs to be to compete in the Women's Pro Ski Class."

Nicky Goudrah - Lake Havasu, AZ

"The versa climber is the best machine I have found for building and maintaining high levels of fitness for competition in professional yacht racing."

Katie Pettibone - 2x Whitbread Around the World Sailor 2x America's Cup Sailor Port Huron, Michigan

"My fitness center has ellipticals, two types of bikes, stairmasters, treadmills & rowing machines in addition to the VersaClimber, While they are all top-rate machines there isn't one that gives me the workout that the VersaClimber does. The VersaClimber works my whole body, upper and lower, unlike some of the other cardio machines, additionally I am able to get my heart rate higher than I can on the other cardio machines. It also works areas the other machine miss."

Ellie Leshansky - Philadelphia, PA

“There is so much you can do on this full-body cardio machine, especially with a trained professional guiding you and, because it’s low-impact, as hard as it forces you to work you’ll always be able to come back for more.” 

Scott Sorkin, Club Owner and Fitness Professional

"Good afternoon, I bought your VersaClimber 108 H model earlier this year. I have been very happy with the unit’s performance. It offers a great workout Keep up the great work."

Ben Sillem Invermere, B.C. Canada Age 37

"I feel the same soreness in my body that I would get from 45 minutes on my elliptical plus 45 minutes of weights in the same day. What I felt from that 2 hour workout in one day, I feel from only 15 minutes on my VersaClimber. Unbelievable! The Total Body Workout is amazing! -- but no shin splints, no neck pain and no joint pain! What's also amazing is that my daughter who just turned 10 got on the machine yesterday and cranked out about 5 minutes straight so I see that my family will benefit from this as well."

Rafael Delgado - New York, NY

"We were one of the first in Colorado Springs to purchase a VersaClimber. We love it in fact I did two hours the day my daughter was born, the low impact is great for people with knee problems and I use the machine daily with clients. I have a Pilates and training studio. 15 years and a trip over seas and it has never needed repair. Great product!"

Sue Ladson - Colorado Springs, CO

"VersaClimber is a bargain when you consider a heart attack will set you back $30,000 ... I use my VersaClimber everyday"

Dr. Chip - Albany, GA

"To whom it may concern: I have been a personal trainer for 18 years and by far this was my best purchase. I have had my unit for 7 years now and use it regularly while wearing a 42 lb weight vest. I recommend it to all my clients and anyone who asks, "what's the best piece of cardio equipment?" I tell them VersaClimber."

Kevin J. Kearns, B.S. Exercise Physiologist - The Fitness Connection Inc.

"As physicians who deal with the overall appearance of patients, we are constantly working with proper dietary programs and physical fitness. One of the prevalent deficiencies we encounter is with respect to exercise. People get frustrated because they are exercising 5X's a week and not getting anywhere. Typically they are doing exercise such as walking or " gliders" which lend themselves to cheating. We have been aggressively promoting the concept of vertical training or VersaClimbing. I use the VersaClimber as a training tool, I find it to be a superior piece of cardiovascular equipment."

Peter Raphael, MD - American Institute for Plastic Surgery Plano, Texas

"I have been using your home model VersaClimber 5 days a week, 30-40 minutes a day, for the last 8 years...I think the VersaClimber provides a great aerobic and toning workout. I am 6' 3" and about 225 lbs and I really push the machine hard."

William Trousdell - Virginia, Age 45

"I have been doing the Nordic Track for the past 10 years and felt I needed to bring my training to the next level with the VersaClimber."

Michael McLaughlin - Franklin Lakes, NJ

"I used the VersaClimber while onboard ship in the Navy during Desert Storm. I found it to be a great stress reliever. I experienced great results from my workouts, both physically and mentally. You have a great product."

John C. Purvee - Cordova, TN

"It's built like a tank (108 LX) it will last a few life times. It's the ultimate workout...for endurance there is nothing like it!"

John Decovich - Sault Ste Marie, MI

"We need endurance in the upper body and power in the legs. If you want to get in shape quickly without wearing out your body, the VersaClimber's the best."

Dick Dent - Previous Coach of America 3 The Women's Sailing Team

"Over the course of the past twenty years I've trained hundreds of clients that run the gamut from average Joe's to professional athletes and in all that time, I've never come across a cardio piece that comes anywhere near the Versa Climber! It's an incredibly durable, space-saving unit that literally has something for everyone. The non impact motion is perfect for heavier individuals with orthopedic limitations, the simultaneous movement of the upper and lower body through such a large range of motion makes it an awesome fat loss tool and the simple turn of a dial allows you to adjust the tension to challenge people of all fitness levels! Perhaps its best feature of all though, is the time-saving aspect it brings to the workout. Whether I'm training myself, or one of my clients, I usually don't have a whole lot of time to devote to cardio. When you have to address everything from strength, to flexibility to cardiovascular work in under an hour, you need a cardio stimulus that gets the job done in the shortest time possible. That's why I consistently choose the Versa Climber. In as little as 15-20 minutes I can get just as good, if not a better workout, than I could on any other type of cardio machine in twice the time! If you're a gym owner, the Versa Climber is a must. If you workout at home, its space saving design and the unequaled workout it provides make it an absolute no-brainer. In my professional opinion, it's the greatest cardio piece ever created!"

Mike Mejia M.S., CSCS Author of The Men's Heath Better Body Blueprint, co-author of Scrawny to Brawny, The Home Workout Bible, The Men's Health Gym Bible and columnist and contributing editor for Men's Health magazine

"I got myself in ridiculously good shape this December, spent five straight weeks on the VersaClimber, and I'm probably 30, 35 pounds lighter"

Rocco Mediate - Age 47, Pro Golfer

"I’ve had serious back problems for several years, and I am finally starting to recover thanks to this machine. Not only is it an incredible kick-butt workout, but it seems to stretch and also strengthen core muscles. First time on it, I did three minutes and about collapsed. I’m doing between 12-40 minutes a day now, and finally bought a new machine with all the extras (it’ll be delivered tomorrow). I own two ellipticals and a treadmill, but the Versaclimber is the only machine I use now. Nothing comes close. (No, I’m not getting paid for this, and I paid the full on-line, on-sale price for my new unit.)"

Randy Wayne White - New York Times Best Selling Author

"I'm an avid rock and ice climber. I run marathons all the time--in fact 21 in all. I'm constantly training for cardio. Until I used a VersaClimber, I never had a piece of cardio equipment take my breath away. The VersaClimber is an awesome cardio trainer--it's taken me to a whole new level!"

Heidi - Burlington, MA

"I have been training all my life. I very much welcome the addition of the VersaClimber to my routine. It provides a rigorous workout without the trauma of knee pounding on pavement. I run half marathons regularly, therefore any option to train hard without the side effects of inflicting stress on the joints is very welcomed."

Sam - Toronto, Canada

"I bought VersaClimber ... now I have a elliptical machine for sale."

Greg Kennin - Meguon, WI

"As a pro freestyle street motorcycle rider and traveling as much as we do, time has become my most precious commodity. My versa-climber makes short work of a mandatory full body workout. I love my versa-climber. I don't think I could imagine life without it. Thanks to all the crew at versa-climber for you're support." Best Regards, "D-Mann"

Derrick Daigle - Henderson, NV

"I am down a full dress size and lost 13 lbs. thanks to my VersaClimber."

Barbara Conklin - Newport Beach, CA

"I've only been using the Versaclimber for a month, but already I am seeing results. This one piece of equipment has given me a TOTAL body makeover in a very short period of time-results that I haven't been able to achieve using elliptical machines or treadmills-arms, legs and even the core (stomach/abs) are tighter and firmer because of this ONE machine! Fast results and a leaner me! Thank you, Versaclimber!"

Laura Lynne - Age 36

"When my Parkinson's started interfering with my running, especially marathon running, I looked for an alternative to stay fit and in shape. My Versaclimber does more than running, as it works on my arms as well. After a hard day at the office,coming home and 'climbing' a couple of thousand feet is a great way to stay fit."

Derek de Jong Surrey, - BC, Canada Age 56

"This is by far the best machine I have ever used, I have tried treadmills, Elliptical trainers, rowers and bikes and this is THE ultimate workout for total body conditioning. I have never been in better shape."

Norma Duarte - Missouri City, TX

"I just wanted to let you know I absolutely LOVE my VersaClimber. It is the best investment I have ever made and worth every penny. Already I have lost 10 lbs. plus lots of inches in the last couple of months. Nothing else works like this piece of equipment and I've used everything from treadmills, Nordic Track ski machine, recumbent bikes, elliptical trainer etc. .... spending thousands over the years. It truly is the only piece of equipment to own."

Jeannine Johnson - Auborn, WA

"The Versa Climber is the one piece of equipment that allows the athlete to stress the body's total muscle mass under a resistance load. We use the Versa Climber to train the total athlete. Strength and Power Endurance training can be easily integrated into Energy System Development sessions. The Versa Climber is the apparatus of choice to aerobically and anaerobically train the upper body so it can be used more effectively as a metabolic repository for the waste producted generated in the lower body musculature."

Loren Seagrave - Velocity Sports Performance

"I want to get a full body exercise everytime I work out, the VC covers it all; strength, cardio, upper and lower body. I only work out for 20 minutes and It is a GREAT work out. I really can see a difference in myself when I climb."

Carole Kennett - Englewood, FL

"My name is Thomas Webb and I am personal trainer working out of a private gym in Long Beach CA. I am 58 years old and have been training since my adolescence. About two weeks ago I purchased your 108-H model VersaClimber from a local fitness store dealing in high end exercise equipment. I can't begin to express how thrilled I am with the effectiveness and simplicity of your machine. The combination of aerobic as well as anaerobic qualities of this equipment is like nothing I have ever seen. One thing you might consider cautioning your prospective customers on is the propensity of this machine to become addictive. Thank you once again."

Thomas Webb - Long Beach, CA Age 58