Use ExerGrip wherever handles are used to exercise. The fingers, hands and forearm muscles are used daily more than any other group. Most sports depend on hand grip strength to excel in competition. ExerGripis an ergonomically designed multi-use finger, wrist and forearm strengthening device. Finger grooves in the ExerGrip handle concentrate the load on the Index, Middle, Ring and Small Phalanges. The load is transferred through the Proximal and Metacarpal Phalanges through the wrist and into the forearm flexor muscles all of which are necessary to strengthen the overall grip. The ExerGrip strengthens the entire chain and, like the strength of any chain, every link is important. The ExerGrip strengthens your grip while using your favourite cable exercise machine or attached to devices such as elastic bands, TRX straps, VRX pulleys, weight stack cables, rowing machines, Versa Pulleys, hydraulic, pneumatic, inertial and any resistance cable machine. A carabiner on the handle can be used to easily attach the ExerGrips to an overhead structure for chin-ups or to weight to perform bicep curls and dead weight lifts. All gripping muscles in the chain from fingers to forearm are developed when ExerGrip is used with any resistive device.


Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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