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VersaClimber App

Connects to BlueTooth Enabled Modules



Stay on track


VersaClimber App provides a quick and clutter-free UI and helps to operate in a better way.

workout stats

Your hard-earned stats are yours to store, share, keep, and compare forever.

Visualize progress

Visualize your daily progress with the total climbed feet. Additionally, see weekly progress charts that give a fantastic overview of your history.

Apple health

VersaClimber App works with Apple Health. Your workout and calorie data is saved in your private Health database.


CALORIE burner

VersaClimber is recognized worldwide for its reputation as the machine that burns calories 160% faster than other leading cardio modalities running, steppers, spin bikes and ellipticals.

Research proves that VersaClimber training is one of the most effective methods to burn fat and torch calories in less time.


Best for the climbers

top features

The VersaClimber app is a mobile application that is designed to enhance your workout experience on the VersaClimber machine. Here are some of the top features of using the VersaClimber app:

Record & Save Workout

Easily capture and store your exercise sessions to track your progress and revisit past achievements.

Workout statistics 

Access in-depth data on your workouts, including metrics like distance climbed, time, and intensity, to analyze your performance.

heart Rate

Keep tabs on your heart rate during workouts to optimize your training and ensure safe, effective sessions.

Calories & watts

Monitor the calories burned and power output (watts) during your workouts to gauge your effort and performance.

Live Classes

Join real-time fitness classes led by instructors, offering motivation and guidance as you climb.


Compete with others in the VersaClimber community, aiming for top positions on leaderboards to stay motivated and challenge yourself.


Conquer various fitness milestones and achievements, adding an extra layer of excitement and goals to your workouts.


Connect with friends, share your fitness journey, and collaborate on achieving your health and fitness objectives together.

Connect your climber with

Versaclimber App

The VersaClimber app, with seamless BLE connectivity, empowers you to monitor and analyze your workout stats effortlessly. Whether it's tracking your progress, heart rate, calories burned, or power output, this app provides the tools you need for a successful fitness journey. Stay connected and informed with every climb.

Bluetooth connection allows access to the VC app (iPhone, android, tablets etc.)...

Better Experience 

Sync workout Data

Sync your workout data seamlessly across iOS, Android and Web.

Available on iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, Android TV and FireTV



Frequently asked Questions 

Everything you need to know about the app and how it works.

Installing the Bluetooth Module

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