Introducing the VersaClimber App

connects to BlueTooth Enabled Modules (SM, SMA, and SRM Models)

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Record & Save Workouts



Review past workouts & see total sessions & feet climbed


Social Media Sharing

Share workouts through Social Media


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Compete for ranking on leaderboards


Introducing the VersaClimber Bluetooth connectivity module. This electronics module display upgrades the following units: SM, SMA, CM, CMA and SRM VersaClimbers with Bluetooth capability to transmit workout data to your iPhone or Android.

With the Bluetooth Module along with FREE VersaClimber app, your hard-earned stats are yours to store, share, keep, and compare forever. Revel in the victory of a new personal best. Compete for leaderboards such as the 60-second challenge where VersaClimber fanatics vie for position based on how many feet you can climb in one minute. Love sharing your achievements? Post your workout stats to Facebook, Instagram, or virtually any social network of your choice.

Bluetooth module upgrade is available for new climbers or to retrofit existing climbers 2015 and newer. Call for details.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SM VersaBlue Module?

  • Bluetooth module is an electronics module that adds Bluetooth capability to VersaClimber enabling it to be used with the VersaClimber app
  • Use the free VersaClimber app to “pair” (connect) to your Bluetooth enabled VersaClimber (SM, SMA, CM, CMA, SRM) models only.

How do I get the app?

  • The app is available for iPhone/iPad and Android Phones. Go to the App Store from your device and search for “VersaClimber” and download the app.

Installing the Bluetooth Module

What features does the app provide?

  • Record and save your workouts
  • Measure and track your heart rate
  • Monitor your Calories and Watts
  • View graphs of feet per minute, stroke length & strokes per minute over time
  • Share workouts through social media
  • Review past workouts including: duration, total feet climbed, average FPM and max FPM
  • View your total number of sessions and total feet climbed across all workouts
  • Compete on leader boards such as the 60-second challenge
  • More to come; the feature-set is ever-expanding

What VersaClimber models are enabled with Bluetooth connectivity?

  • New VersaClimbers (SM, CM, SRM, and TS) can be purchased with Bluetooth (upgrade option).
  • To retrofit a VersaClimber you already own, you must have a climber that is 2015 or newer (SM, CM, SRM models only).

How much does it cost?

  • The app can be download for free from the App Store and Google Play
  • $100 for VersaBlue Module upgrade at time of purchase.
  • $619 + Shipping to retrofit an existing VersaClimber (SM, SMA, CM, CMA, or SRM) models 2015 and newer; you must remove and send in the electronics -- average turn around time is about 2-weeks)
  • $1,182 if would like a brand new electronics module (must be a 2015 or newer SM or SMA VersaClimber)

How do I get started?

  • Please contact sales at 1-800-237-2271