Maintenance & Service

Key Maintenance Points

wipe down unit

Wipe down the main post, base and side rails with a rag and non-solvent, non-ammonia cleaning solution.
Wipe down post, painted surfaces and base with a very thin layer of AIM lubricant. This helps to remove corrosive sweat while adding protective barrier.

hand check quick release handles

Hand check quick-release handle bushings, which the handles lock into, on both sides to make sure they are tight.

resevoir oil level check

Check oil level in top reservoir, it should be at least 3/4 full--this should never dip below. (Excludes fixed resistance models)
If oil level is low, fill using 80/90 gear oil. Oil level should remain at 3/4 full.
If you notice the oil has turned dark or black, this is normal. Oil never has to be changed.

bottom chain tension

Check bottom chain for looseness; with the pedals level, you should be able to push the chain in about 1/4 inch.
If the chain pushes in more than this, then the chain is loose and will need to

wipe chain

Wipe off the top and bottom chains and put a very light coat of light grease (AIM Grease) on chain. Using a toothbrush or firm paint brush, apply grease on exposed chain.

When relubing or applying grease, use Planet Safe Lubricants. Please visit to purchase.