Group Fitness

With VersaClimber

Group fitness is leading the charge in 2018. Friendly competition and cooperation is the new order and it can be found with VersaClimber in exercise studios across the nation.

“This is the ultimate equipment. It’s versatile, gives superior total body results and can really drive the revenue up with group classes.”

The best cardio results come from heart-rate-based high intensity intermittent training (called HIIT). An exercise machine that can accommodate both an upper and lower body motion where each contributes to elevating the heart rate into individual training zones is ideal. A treadmill, elliptical or exercise bike alone doesn’t do that, the VersaClimber does.

“We chose the VersaClimber because it is a total-body, no-impact option that is completely modifiable to any fitness level, and it is easy to push someone into anaerobic levels and then quickly recover,”

explained Kevin Harmann, owner of The Fitness Formula.

In group settings the social element and opportunity to participate at your own specific fitness level leads to the kind of long-term usage that really gets results. This is the real value of group VersaClimber; members like it and get outcomes they’re looking for. BUT, it’s the motivation and camaraderie of a group with an instructor that is simply irresistible.

Club owners have had people try a complimentary group class and they’ve signed up on the spot in order not to miss another training.

group training

“The more you do it, the more you get addicted, and visible results come quickly. It keeps you coming back for more.” Scott Sorkin, Club Owner & Fitness Pro”

Exercise participants want low impact, professionally led experiences that challenge them but also inspire them to come back for more. Results are the baseline for future participation but so is fun.  Studies show that VersaClimber can burn calories at higher rates than any other equipment and this results in a higher post exercise metabolism. 

Wall, floor mounted, pods or free standing the VersaClimber is space efficient and virtually maintenance free. That means more people, more classes and no down time. 

Lagree Studio Austin 1

“We’ve had a lot of people see great results and have had their bodies change dramatically. We put the music on really loud, the lights in the studio change — it gets really dark — and the teacher climbs with the class. The members absolutely love it.”

– Tara Tobin owner Climb, Cardio, Core

Mecha Fitness Hi-Five

“The VersaClimber is perfect for our clients of various ability levels and/or physical limitations,” said club owner and fitness professional Scott Sorkin.

“There is so much you can do on this full-body cardio machine, especially with a trained professional guiding you and, because it’s low-impact, as hard as it forces you to work you’ll always be able to come back for more.” Scott Sorkin

In an industry that has been fragmented with so many types of boot camps, apps, complicated equipment and flavor of the month classes VersaClimber is straightforward, gets measurable results and drives up revenues with group classes.

“We have had clients in group classes in their 70’s that use VersaClimber and can outperform 20 year olds who thought they were fit. VersaClimber is a great equalizer... and in an age where technology can benefit or complicate the pursuit of fitness the VersaClimber is easy to explain and use.”

Bob Wilcher, Chiropractor / owner of Killer B Fitness & VersaClimber user for 12 years

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