Live and On-Demand VersaClimbing Classes
Streamed to your TV.

going live early 2021.

Be the first to experience the unique instructor lead, highly motivating in-home training with VersaClimber.

Jump-start your workouts with VersaClimber LIVE instructor-led group training classes! Challenge yourself from the comfort, safety and privacy of your home with the first-ever vertical cardio climbing group sessions – and blast maximum calories, boost stamina and get real results.

Research proves that VersaClimber training is one of the most effective methods to burn fat and torch calories in less time -- spin bikes, treadmills, ellipticals -- can’t touch this.

Elevate your results and maximize your motivation with LIVE rhythmic climb classes that deliver invigorating, interactive experiences that compel you to come back. Take advantage of the ever-expanding library of on-demand VersaClimber workouts for convenient sweat sessions for every level exerciser.

  • Live and On-Demand classes
  • High-intensity classes that help reshape
    your body
  • Real time engaging, energetic, workout instruction
  • Get fit, fast with high-intensity, total-body routines
  • Way more effective than lower-body workouts like cycling
  • Maximum motivation with group training
  • Ultimate convenience and safety
  • Boost energy and stamina
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Choose your favorite instructors
  • High energy / high motivation

You’ll benefit from expert guidance and motivation from VersaClimber’s expert instructors, high quality live and on-demand digital content, supercharged music and compelling workouts that get you going and keep you coming back.

Exercisers are united by the beat and fueled by each climb – while staying connected to the inspiring, supportive VersaClimber community.

Whether you can’t get to the gym, or simply prefer home exercise, VersaClimber’s new subscription training service has you covered with an extensive library of exhilarating climbing classes. Invite your family and friends to capitalize on socially distanced, rigorous sweat sessions on the unmatched, American-made VersaClimber!
Ignite your fitness with a $39.95 monthly subscription to VersaClimber LIVE, and stream workouts through your TV using the Amazon 4K Fire TV Stick.