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Made in the USA since 1981, VersaClimber is the original total body, vertical cardio climber.  VersaClimbing is a full-body workout that combines zero impact, high intensity, vertical cardio with resistance training – science proves it is one of the most effective and efficient ways of burning fat and calories.


Scott N.


"My wife purchased the Versa Climber in August 2019 and in the 4 months of usage, I have gone from a 40-inch waist to a 36. And I have gone from 238 pounds to 222 pounds. 4 days a week at 1 hr. per workout is a great workout!"


New Jersey

"I am writing this to say thank you for making such a wonderful exercise machine. I was extremely lucky to get this product in December and work out on it almost every day since then. I have been working as an EMT and patient care in a hospital for over 10 years and having this product during the COVID-19 crisis has been keeping me healthy during these trying times. A daily routine at my job is wearing full Protective equipment for 12 hours a day which puts a strain on the lungs due to wearing a mask my whole shift. Because of consistent use of my VersaClimber my lung capacity and general stamina have massively increased which helps me throughout the long shift. I also have not gotten sick and even at the end of a long shift, I look forward to coming home and having a workout which helps me to stay healthy and relieve the stress of a very hectic day.

Thanks for a great product."

Brad P.


“I’m a former special forces military. My VersaClimber has been the single best piece of training equipment I’ve ever purchased! Truly an underrated total body workout that every serious athlete needs to own. Thank you for developing such an amazing machine. I absolutely love it and only wish I had purchased one years ago!”


Albany, GA

VersaClimber is a bargain when you consider a heart attack will set you back $30,000 … I use my VersaClimber every day”


San Diego, CA

“My husband spent many years with the Marine Corps and some time on ships. This was his first introduction to the VERSACLIMBER. After his final deployment, we purchased one! Love this machine! Now he is with the FBI and still uses it! I know that this machine has helped him stay active and safe in his current job and thank you for making such a great product!!! Years have flown by, yet the machine is ageing as we are :). This VERSACLIMBER deserves an award for the longest working machine without a tune-up.”


Burlington, MA

“I’m an avid rock and ice climber. I run marathons all the time–in fact, 21 in all. I’m constantly training for cardio. Until I used a VersaClimber, I never had a piece of cardio equipment take my breath away. The VersaClimber is an awesome cardio trainer–it’s taken me to a whole new level!”

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