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Way beyond other cardio equipment on the market today, the SM VersaClimber combines a sleek, space efficient, vertical design, with a versatile calorie torching, total body workout. This unique combination combines two cardio machines into one – a lower body stepper and upper body climber – producing the most effective fat burning workout, in the least amount of time.

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For a space-efficient and cost-effective approach, the wall mounted version attaches VersaClimber to any secure wall, post or pillar.


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The SM (sport model) VersaClimber is one of our most popular models – both for gym settings and for homes. The SM is two cardio machines in one: lower body stepper & upper body climber–one price for two cardio machines. It was uniquely designed to provide a true total body, non impact, cardio work out for a superior fat and calorie burning results.

Research proves VersaClimbing for just 20 minutes or less, actively engages/tones all the major muscle groups and is more effective and time efficient compared to Treadmills, Ellipticals, Steppers and Bikes.

The SM features the classic, calorie guzzling, versatile 1-20 inch step height combined with the 1-20 inch upper body arm movement.
The SM offers a wider range of cardio & strength versatility. From its ability to apply long muscle toning leg strides to explosive sprint training movements, and every type of cardio training in between to meet your specific training requirements.

$4,695  (no seat mount bracket)
$4,845  (upgrade with just seat bracket)
$4,945  (upgrade with both seat mount bracket and adjustable seat)

If you want to add adjustable seat, be sure to “upgrade” the SM with seat mount side plates at time of order, for an additional $150.
Seat mount side plate brackets are required for use with optional adjustable seat.
The adjustable seat is $250.
Order both options, seat mount side plates and adjustable seat for $250 and SAVE $150

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Weight N/A
Total Body


Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern


Variable Tension Control

0-500 lbs

Step Height

1-20 Inches

Arm Travel

1-20 Inches

Max User Weight

350 lbs.

Module Display

Time, distance, calories, imperial, metric, feet per minute, virtual opponents and land marks to select. Bluetooth connectivity upgrade OPTION – provides smart phone connectivity for use with free VersaClimber phone app.

Digital Programs

6 Opponents (Race), 6 Structures (Distance)

Maximum Speed

350 Vertical Feet Per Minute

Climb Angle

75 Degrees

Heart Rate Monitoring


Grip/Pedal Adjustment

Yes, 3 grip settings

Power Requirement

110 Volt / AC power supply only.


7ft 10" (assembled)


150 lbs

Base Size

43" wide x 46" long


Steel, Individually hand welded for superior quality.


3 year limited, 3 year frame warranty
2 year rollers, chains, sprockets and slides
1 Year display electronics
1 Year Parts/Labor

Lower Limb Isolator


Adjustable Seat

Optional upgrade.

Range of Motion Limiters

Optional upgrade.


With Bluetooth, Without Bluetooth

Running Hand Grips

No. Optional accessory not included.


Variable Resistance SM Model, Fixed Resistance SMA Model

The SM comes standard with the following:

  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Variable Resistance Control (0-500lbs force resistance)
  • Quick Release Straight Hand Grips
  • Soft Padded Side Hand Rails
  • Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern / Cross Crawl


  1. Robert Peterson

    I have used a Versa Climber since 1997. I first started at a Las Vegas gym. There were 2 machines and only a few people used them, so I never had to wait. The ergonomics and cardio benefits, no impact stresses, were the main attractive features to me at that time. I’m 20 years older and those are even more attractive features. After I moved away from Vegas, I biked and hiked a lot, but never found a substitute piece of equipment that could do what the Versa Climber did. I finally scrimped and saved and bought the SM model with a seat. It’s heavy to move and I was wise enough to save the shipping crate so it has survived every move well. My 60+ yr old body appreciates the lack of impact as well as great ergonomics that keep me safe from injury – well, once I got a little too frisky and didn’t pay attention to proper posture, and paid for that with a sore L/S spine for a week – and it keeps my resting heart rate slow and even, my endurance for vigorous outdoor hikes and mountain scrambles intact, and burns off the extra calories I occasionally overindulge in. While it does require an 8 foot ceiling, the floor footprint is small. My only complaint is that the electronics remain 20th Century. The display is pretty antiquated, there is no attempt to work with Apple, FitBit or other devices, no electronic way to record your workouts other than to take a picture of the display with your phone, and you need an old chest strap to monitor your heart rate. I had to rig my own little holder for my personal electronic device and music on the top of the machine above the display. If they ever offer an upgrade of this part of the machine, I’d gladly retrofit it myself.

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