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Ellipticals vs Treadmills: Most cardio units such as Ellipticals, Treadmills, Steppers and Spin bikes fail to achieve a full head to toe work out. Why Limit Yourself? The VersaClimber offers a versatile step and arm height of 1 to 20 inches. Great for short steps of 4-6″, speed sprinting sprinting as fast as you can with no top end limitations, full body stretching, and users with short, medium, and long strides. With 20″ step you can perform a multitude or exercise routines. No annoying safety belts or guide lines to use when working out on a VersaClimber, like other cardio equipment available.

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Wall Mounted Options

For a space-efficient and cost-effective approach, the wall mounted version attaches VersaClimber to any secure wall, post or pillar.


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The Leader in Total Body Fitness and a trusted name in fitness for 38 years VersaClimber has remained #1 leader in total body, vertical cardio training. With its unique arm and leg pushing/pulling action, studies prove, moving arms above your heart and over your head creates better circulation and longer lasting cardio results.

The LX series VersaClimber is available in 4 versions:  LX (No Heart Rate w/Adjustable resistance) LXP (w/Heart Rate w/Adjustable resistance)  ALX (No Resistance/No Adjusting resistance)  ALXP (w/Heart Rate and No Adjusting resistance) or optional upgrade Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern which can be added to each of the 4 versions for an additional $300. [Note: Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern and Standard Climb patterns cannot be switched back and forth.] What is Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern?

Health clubs, physical therapy clinics, military, universities, professional teams and other training and conditioning facilities world wide choose the VersaClimber for its unsurpassed cardio benefits, versatility and relentless durability.

Why buy a VersaClimber? Better Results in less time. Studies have proven the unique arm/leg climbing action, provides you the highest calorie burn rate than ellipticals, treadmills and steppers–in less time.

VersaClimbing is a zero impact, injury free, total body, functional training workout. The VersaClimber product line combines precision engineering, relentless durability and unique styling with endless choices and versatility for its users.

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Total Body


Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern


Variable Tension Control

0-500 lbs.

Step Height

1-20 Inches

Arm Travel

1-20 Inches

Max User Weight

350 lbs.

Module Display

Digital Display

Digital Programs

Opponent Race, Program

Maximum Speed

350 Vertical Feet Per Minute

Climb Angle

75 Degrees

Heart Rate Monitoring

No, optional upgrade

Heart Rate Display

No, optional upgrade

Grip/Pedal Adjustment

Yes, 4 settings to select

Power Requirement

9 Volt Battery or 110 AC power supply


7' 10" (assembled)


150 lbs

Base Size

48" wide x 48" long


Steel, Individually hand welded for superior quality.


3 Year Limited, 3 Year Frame Warranty, 1 Year Display Electronics, 1 Year Parts/Labor


LX (Variable Resistance), LXP (w/Heart Rate Monitoring), LXP CC (w/Heart Rate Monitoring & Contra-Lateral), LX CC (Variable Resistance & Contra-Lateral), ALX (Fixed Resistance), ALXP (w/Heart Rate Monitoring & Fixed Resistance), ALXP CC (w/Heart Rate Monitoring & Fixed Resistance & Contra-Lateral)

Each LX unit can be ordered with or without the following features (Please call for option pricing)

  • Variable Resistance
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Fixed Resistance
  • Running Handles, Quick Release
  • Arm Extenders
  • Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern / Cross Crawl


  1. Tim Murphy

    Its a beast! I first was introduced to a VersaClimber around 1997. I basically would add it to my cardio routine (treadmill, stepper, row, climber). This was the closer of that line up, and it wasn’t easy, but I really liked it. I never could go as long as treadmill or stepper, but man, it just burned. I was pretty much hooked. They were always a little thin in the gym, with only 1 or 2, or none at all. So I got the LX model myself (I hated going to the gym anyway). It definitely was the most pricey gym equipment I ever purchased, but it’s a lifelong purchase, so it was well worth it. It can fit anywhere, but make sure you have the headroom for it (my one mistake, which has since been corrected). I got the LX because I didn’t need anything else, I just wanted the workout (and save a little $$). You definitely have to push yourself here, its not like a treadmill, elliptic, or even steppers, its all you, and you will feel that. Enjoy!

  2. Andy Nardella

    I have been a Versa Climber user since the early 1980’s, where I was introduced to the machine wrestling at the Division 1 level. I continue to use the machine today. My children use the machine and all have gone on to compete at the Division 1 College level and the Professional Level of their sport. There is not other machine which provides the balanced workout like the Versa Climber. If you are serious about your health, competing at the highest level…..own one for life.

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