TS VersaClimber

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Wall Mounted VersaClimber

ALX $2,795
LX $3,695
LXP $3,995
SM $4,395
SMA $3,795
SM w/ Bluetooth $4,495

For a space-efficient and cost-effective approach, the wall mounted version attaches VersaClimber to any secure wall, post or pillar. Includes all required hardware for attaching to a wall. This option saves you money (eliminates the need for side hand rails and base support) – since mounted to a wall, less support hardware is required, cutting costs. Units can be mounted to a wall in the following angles: Left, Straight or Right positions.

Cost Effective

Saves Floor Space


Wall mount option, allows for a more compact space efficient foot print / layout design for your home gym or training facility.
Wall mount option available on the following models: LX, SM, TS and SRM.

Note: When purchased as wall mounted version, additional hardware would need to be purchased if converting back to a free-standing unit.