CM Club Model

Shorter Step Height The VersaClimber CM has been designed to meet and satisfy any fitness level–now 50% easier to use. It now features shortened step height of only 10 inches; Where as the SM and LX series offers a 1- 20 inches step height.

List Price CM: $4,695  (Features a reduced step of 1-10 inches and increased upper body range of motion 1-27 inches)

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The CM (Club Model) VersaClimber  was uniquely designed to provide a 50% easier work out–making it ideal for those gym owners or individuals who want to offer a more relaxed approach to training. 50% of the step height was eliminated. Reducing the normal step height from 1-20 inches down to just 1-10 inches, while increasing the upper body range of motion to 1-27 inches–essentially cutting the work load by 50%.

Research proves VersaClimbing for 20 minutes or less, actively engages/tones all the major muscle groups and is more effective and time efficient compared to Treadmills, Ellipticals, Steppers and Bikes.

But don’t be fooled, the CM with its reduced step height, still provides an exceptional full body has been refined and improved for a new generation of health & fitness enthusiasts.

The CM offers a wider range of cardio & strength versatility. From its ability to apply longer arm reach for greater reach and back development to explosive sprint training movements, and every type of cardio training in between to meet your specific training requirements.
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Weight N/A
Total Body


Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern


Variable Tension Control

0-500 lbs

Step Height

1-10 Inches

Arm Travel

1-27 Inches

Max User Weight

350 lbs.

Module Display

Time, distance, calories, imperial, metric, feet per minute, virtual opponents and land marks to select. Bluetooth connectivity upgrade OPTION – provides smart phone connectivity for use with free VersaClimber phone app.

Digital Programs

6 Opponents (Race), 6 Structures (Distance)

Maximum Speed

350 Vertical Feet Per Minute

Climb Angle

75 Degrees

Heart Rate Monitoring


Grip/Pedal Adjustment

Yes, 3 hand grip settings

Power Requirement

110 Volts


7ft 10" (assembled)


150 lbs

Base Size

43" wide x 46" long


Steel, Individually hand welded for superior quality.


3 year limited, 3 year frame warranty
2 year rollers, chains, sprockets and slides
1 Year display electronics
1 Year Parts/Labor


With Bluetooth, Without Bluetooth

Running Hand Grips

No. Optional accessory not included.

Lower Limb Isolator


Adjustable Seat


Range of Motion Limiters



Fixed Resistance, Variable Resistance

The SM comes standard with the following:

  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Variable Resistance Control (0-500lbs force resistance)
  • Quick Release Straight Hand Grips
  • Soft Padded Side Hand Rails
  • Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern / Cross Crawl


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