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  • Rowing Power & Strength trainer
    The VersaRower is a Rowing Exercise Machine.  It is not a conventional rowing machine. The VersaRower has a Patented resistance mechanism which automatically and  instantaneously matches the pull force of the user from 4 pounds to 400 pounds in both the concentric {pull} and eccentric {pull back} directions.  Pull hard and it resists hard, pull easy and it resists easy. At the end of the pull stroke the handle retracts with a similar force applied during the pull stroke.  Therefore foot straps are not required on the VersaRower because the body is pulled back during the second half of the rowing cycle. This provides friendly user generated loading during both the pull and the pull back stroke not available on any other rowing machine.

    Think of the VersaRower as a seated squat where the legs are loaded during both extension and retraction in conjunction with the arms, chest, shoulders, back and abs. Unlike other rowing machines the VersaRower provides an ideal efficient exercise because all muscle groups are fully loaded concentrically and eccentrically to match any level of fitness.

    The high performance of rowing, kayaking, and paddle boarding is dependent on the power generated by all contracting muscles of the arms, chest, shoulders, back, torso and legs in a physical motion duplicating the sport.

    It is a well known fact that the development of contracting muscles, (concentric muscle power) is vastly enhanced by engaging both concentric and eccentric muscles, (eccentric muscle power).

    The VersaRower is the only exercise machine that provides both concentric and eccentric muscle stimulation of all muscles engaged in rowing, kayaking and paddle boarding sports. The force during the pull stroke is generated by accelerating a flywheel and a force during the pull back stroke is generated by decelerating the flywheel. This provides an accommodating maximum rate of force development for both movements.
    An optional Inertial Power Unit Display allows the user to monitor power developed by each stroke and record the maximum power attained during the session.




    Length 90 inches
    Width 18 inches
    Height 40 inches

    Weight 95 pounds
    Color:  Gray or Black
    Seat height: 20 inches
    Seat travel: 48 inches
    Inertial resistance is user defined, 4 pounds to 400 pounds
    Machine adjustable legs, 4

    Wheels for portability.
    Row, kayak/canoe, paddle board handle bar