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SMA Sport Model

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  • Sport Model w/fixed Resistance SMA has been refined and improved for a new generation of health & fitness enthusiasts. The SMA features the classic, deep 20 inch step height and 20 inch upward arm travel. SMA comes standard with Cross Crawl climb pattern. What is Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern / Cross Crawl?

    Fixed resistance allows for faster sprint training, no top end limitations which are very important for interval training. unit It offers a wider range of cardio & strength versatility.

    With its interactive module, w/voice feedback for workout guidance, motivational commands and interval training tips it will provide you with unparalleled fitness results!


    $3,995  (no seat mount bracket)
    $4,145  (upgrade with just seat bracket)
    $4,245  (upgrade with both seat mount bracket and adjustable seat)

    If you want to add adjustable seat, be sure to “upgrade” the SM with seat mount side plates at time of order, for an additional $150.
    Seat mount side plate brackets are required for use with optional adjustable seat.
    The adjustable seat is $250.
    Order both options, seat mount side plates and adjustable seat for $250 and SAVE $150

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Benefits listed are based on research that may or may not be independent of Heart Rate Inc. products.

  •  List price SMA = $3,995

    Total Body: Yes
    Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern: Yes
    Resistance: “Fixed”  No Resistance
    Step Height : 1-20 inches
    Arm Travel: 1-20 inches
    Max User Weight: 350 lbs.
    Module Display Interactive Voice Feedback Programs: 6 Opponents (Race) 6 Structures (Distance)
    Maximum Speed: 350 Vertical Feet Per Minute
    Climb Angle : 75 Degrees
    Heart Rate Monitoring: Yes
    Heart Rate Display: Yes
    Hand Grip Adjustment: Yes, 3 settings
    Power Requirement: 110 Volts

    Height: 7′ 10″ (assembled)
    Weight: 150 lbs Base Size: 43″ x 46″
    Structure: Steel, Double welded

    3 year Limited
    Frame Warranty: 3 years
    Display Electronics: 1 year
    1 Year Parts/Labor : 1 Year



  • “I’m an avid rock and ice climber. I run marathons all the time–in fact 21 in all. I’m constantly training for cardio. Until I used a VersaClimber, I never had a piece of cardio equipment take my breath away. The VersaClimber is an awesome cardio trainer–it’s taken me to a whole new level!”

    Heidi – Burlington, MA

    “We were one of the first in Colorado Springs to purchase a VersaClimber. We love it in fact I did two hours the day my daughter was born, the low impact is great for people with knee problems and I use the machine daily with clients. I have a Pilates and training studio. 15 years and a trip over seas and it has never needed repair. Great product!”

    Sue Ladson – Colorado Springs, CO