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PVP Portable VersaPulley

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  • Studies show VersaPulley’s rotational inertial resistance, with concentric and eccentric inertial loading, compares to free weights at 45% and 65% of 1 Rep Max in the Front Squat, therefore should be considered a high power training device when used for rotational training in the horizontal plane.

    Portable Work Out Station

    The Portable VP’s light weight, compact design, and ease of mobility is ideal for on the field or on the court training by simply securing with adjustable straps or field stakes; It can also be permanently secured to walls or floors in any sport training environment. While the Portable VP weighs just 70 lbs, its patented technology can produce up uo 800 lbs. of explosive force resistance. A trainer now has the ability to hand carry this unit to a field and apply a multitude of safe, sport specific training drills like lateral lunges. Portable VersaPulley combines speed, power and functional mobility through any range of motion with accommodating inertial resistance at any speed, just like sports. The VersaPulley was designed to enhance sport movement and athletic performance.

    Reactive Strength training conveniently located for instant and integrated explosive horizontal full inertial loading with your existing vertical Olympics lifts. PVP and WVP can be securely attached to your existing racks for easy access and space efficiency.





    What is MV2 Resistance Technology?

    MV2 is an Infinitely Variable Cam using inertial resistance that automatically generates a responsive resistance to exercise. This form of resistance is user defined and automatically loads the muscles for explosive movements, through the full range of motion, to match the capability of the user.

    The Portable VP Outperforms All Other Modalities:

    With responsive resistance there are no weights to select or change. ·No “sticking point” as is the case with weights where the resistance is limited to the weakest muscle/joint angle. ·Automatically produces an explosive resistive force that matches the capability of any user from the first to the last repetition. ·Each rep can compound on the next for unlimited Force/Speed production. ·Exceptional inertial loading for superior eccentric resistance that bands and air equipment fail to provide. Easily decrease or add weights on fly wheel. In opposed pairs directly across from each other. For faster speeds remove weights or to increase force & power output add more weights. By selecting 1 of 3 settings you can customize the speed to force ratio. For example, more force at slower speed or faster speed with less force.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Benefits listed are based on research that may or may not be independent of Heart Rate Inc. products.

  • Portable VersaPulley (PVP)  $2,095   w/ IPU Display $2,595

    Physical Size
    Depth:   19 inches
    Width:   18 inches
    Height:   16 inches
    Weight:  55 pounds

    Physical Characteristics
    Structural:  Steel
    Rope, tensile strength:  1500 pounds
    Pulleys, working load:  480 pounds
    Standard color:  Black                    

    Functional Features
    Force developed:  1 pound to 800 pounds
    Speed:  User defined
    Range of motion:  inch to 10 feet
    Muscle Action:  Concentric, Eccentric, Plyometric
    Joint angles: Unlimited Multi-Angular
    Plane of motion: Unlimited Multi-Planer

    Portable Workout Versatility

    • Arm Curl
    • Triceps Extension
    • Vertical Row
    • Bent Knee Squat
    • Calf Raises
    • Shoulder Shrugs
    • Trunk Rotation
    • Decelerating Lunges
    • 1 arm shot put extension
    • Diagonal Lift
    • Lateral Raises

    Training Versatility

    • Quickly set up on any field
    • Light weight & compact
    • No machine adjustments
    • Allows the user full range of exercise motion
    • No spotter required
    • Concentric, Eccentric and Plyometric affect on every repetition
    • Perform exercises in a Closed-Chain, Multi- Plane, Multi-Joint movement
  • “Living in the northeast it is hard to get out in the winter to throw med balls. With the VersaPulley we could simulate throws right indoors.”

    Mike Bissaillon Strength & Conditioning Coach Lenox, MA

    “VersaPulley is one of the most versatile and practical technology ever developed. The VersaPulley allows coaches to prescribe a wide variety of training activities to meet performance goals by being able to manipulate all planes of motion, at various loads from 4 to 400 pounds and at speeds limited only by the athlete’s power capability.”

    Mark Verstegen MS, C.S.C.S. Athletes’ Performance