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ExerVibe Climber

ExerVibe Climber is the only total body, whole body vibration (WBV) technology. Other machines are platforms that provide vibration to only upper or lower body. It produces optimal frequency vibration at 30x per second. This beneficial high frequency vibration makes muscles contract and relax 30 times a second resulting in greater results in less time.

  • Total Body Vibration vs. legs only/arms only
  • 3 contact points for vibration: Hands, Feet and Core
  • Vibration applied when standing, sitting or climbing

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ExerVibe Stepper

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) stimulation is used to enhance stretching, strength,power and endurance along with the benefits of increased fluid flow in working muscles. Studies show major improvements of 10% to 30%, in bone density, increased muscle strength, motor recruitment enhancement, increased resting metabolic rates and reduced blood pressure with Whole Body Vibration Exercise.

  • Vibration enhances physical fitness for activities of daily life
  • Cardio Stepper workout
  • Fully adjustable seat, included

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NEW  Book Vibration Training: The Mikheev Method  training Book. On sale now. Vibrational training offers improvements in range of motion, as well as neuromuscular improvements, without the impacts associated with Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, and running. Russian Vibration Training: The Mikheev Method presents the insights of over four decades of Soviet research and application of whole body vibration (WBV)—information which has previously not been available to the Western world. Timothy Dornemann discusses Alexander Mikheev’s work as both a scientific researcher and a coach in the Soviet sport system. The book summarizes and explains how to effectively utilize and put Mikheev’s vibration training methods into practice and includes sample programming and explanations of vibration exercises, complete with useful illustrations.   Click to see preview / order book.